Daniela Eichmeyer-Hell

After graduating as Magister of Business Administration (University of Innsbruck, 1994), followed by over 20 years in international business including an in-service Masters in Quality Management (Universidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá/Colombia, 2022), Daniela Eichmeyer-Hell completed a Master's degree in Conference Interpreting (University for Applied Languages Munich, 2015). She is a certified speech-to-text interpreter since 2014 and currently working on her PhD thesis (Transcultural Communication, University of Vienna) on speech-to-text interpreting (STTI), explicitly on quality-oriented consideration of the different STTI techniques.

She is a practitioner of conference and speech-to-text interpreting, deputy chair of the Austrian speech-to-text interpreters' Association, chair of the Bavarian speech-to-text interpreters' Association, a researcher and lecturer for STTI at the University of Vienna, the University of Graz, bfi Tirol/Austria and Kombia/Germany and representing the German Association of speech-to-text interpreters at DIN and ISO since 2021.

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