Jacobo Currais Arcay

Jacobo Currais Arcay is a freelance translator and conference interpreter working with Galician, Spanish, English, Portuguese and German with almost 20 years’ experience and has over recent years added live captioning (via intralingual and interlingual respeaking) to the services he provides. He also lectures in translation, interpreting and respeaking at the University of Vigo (Spain). FIFA is one of his main translation end clients, having covered several men and women’s World Cups, amongst other competitions for the website of the world football governing body (fifa.com). He has also been subcontracted to translate for several UN agencies. As part of his activity as a conference interpreter and live captioner, he has worked with a wide range of topics for both public and private institutions such as the FAO, the WHO and the OECD as well as Inditex, HSBC and GSK. He has also published papers on the professional interpreting market and is currently working on his doctoral thesis.

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