Melissa Hope

Melissa Hope (she/her) is the Client Services Manager of Descriptive Video Works, an accessibility company based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Melissa was named one of the top 100 most influential people in content localization by the Entertainment Globalization Association. She works in client services, project management, quality control, writing, and more. 

She fell in love with Audio Description (AD) after watching the Netflix series “GLOW” while recovering from a retinal detachment, which required her to lay on her side with her eyes closed for five days. Two years later, on her first day of work at Descriptive Video Works, she heard the AD of the last season of “GLOW” being recorded, and it felt like a full circle moment.

Melissa is also an instructor for Audio Description Training Retreats, where she trains writers how to write AD for TV, movies, commercials, and video games, with a focus on representing diversity. 


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