Valentina Ragni

Dr Valentina Ragni is a Post-doctoral Researcher in the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, where she currently works on the WATCH-ME project (“Watching Viewers Watch Subtitled Videos. Audiovisual and linguistic factors in subtitle processing”), funded by the National Science Centre Poland (NCN). She obtained her PhD in Audio-Visual Translation from the University of Leeds, where she investigated the effects of translational factors on the noticing and memorisation of reverse subtitles (L1 video, L2 subtitles). Before moving to Poland, she worked on the ESRC-funded IMPETUS project (“Improving products and processes in translation technology use”) at the University of Bristol, where she examined the impact of productivity-enhancing technologies – e.g. machine translation and behaviour-tracking tools – on professional translators. Her research interests focus on the cognitive and psycholinguistic aspects of translation, both as a professional practice and a language learning tool.

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