Denise Kroesen

Denise Kroesen is a speech-to-text interpreter/respeaker, conference interpreter, subtitler, and audio describer from the Netherlands. She holds a bachelor's in Applied Linguistics, a master's in Interpreting, and the postgraduate degree European Masters in Conference Interpreting from the University of Antwerp, graduating summa cum laude twice. She specialized in various media accessibility disciplines, hoping to combine her interpreter training with live subtitling in a creative and novel way.

When she moved back to the Netherlands, she started working closely together with Evan Dorrestein, MA, and spotted an opportunity to do just that through interlingual respeaking. She also gained TV experience as a live captioner for VRT, Red Bee Media, and Talpa. For the past few years, Evan and Denise have been providing professional and innovative live subtitling services with their company Substream, to the corporate sector as well as educational, cultural, and government institutions.

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