Lesley McGilp

Lesley McGilp is the General Manager of Red Bee Media's Signing Team. Lesley is responsible for all aspects of BSL interpreted/translated media for Red Bee Media's clients. Over her 16 years at Red Bee, Lesley has established and driven many key initiatives, including leading the project that established the first ever Deaf interpreted live broadcasts for news and prominent events such as the Summer and Winter Paralympics and the FA Disability Cup. 

Lesley has been the Red Bee respresentative working in partnership with three countries as part of the ERASMUS+ Deaf Media Project. She worked with participants from Spain, Croatia and Lithuania for past 2 years. The project gave deaf participants the insight of how to work as a deaf interpreter in live and pre-recorded settings. 

Lesley is third generation deaf and has also worked at BBC See Hear as an Assistant Producer for 10 years which included directing and producting programmes.

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