Jurgita Kerevičienė

Jurgita Kerevičienė is an associate professor in the Institute of Languages, Literature and Translation Studies at Vilnius University, Kaunas Faculty (Lithuania). Currently, she teaches intralingual and interlingual aspects of subtitling. She is a subtitler for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and is working with Lithuanian cinema festivals, film directors. She also produces surtitles for the hearing impaired viewers in Lithuanian drama theatres. Her research focuses on cognitive studies, multimodality as well as on audiovisual translation and media accessibility. Together with her colleague, she carries out the research project “Inclusive culture: the study on accessibility of audiovisual products for the visually and hearing impaired” (KlaRega) with a special focus on the accessible filmmaking practice in Lithuania. Lately she has published on the reception of audiovisual translation, multilingualism in audiovisual texts and multimodal expressions of emotions in the audiovisual material.

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