Yelena Makarczyk

Yelena Makarczyk is a mason of myriad of trades and a social alchemist encouraging connections between artists and translators worldwide. Her trajectory has ranged from the Soviet industrial Krivoy Rog to the cultural St. Petersburg, from the wonders of Kamchatka to solemn Moscow and sensual Crimea, with plenty of visits along the way to the well-known crevices of the deep Slavic soul.

She came to the United States on her own at the age of 15. The totality of the emotions that have informed her journey continues to light the way as she sails forward via her writing, production, and management of international projects.

A captain’s daughter and a niece of two admirals, unable to travel to foreign shores during the Soviet regime, she listened to her father’s stories about the faraway lands in awe in the Russian Far East. Her great aunt had planted the seeds of eight languages into Yelena when she was spending her summers in Moscow. Little did she know then that she’d be working with more than 260 languages and be able to navigate them all.

She graduated with honors from UCLA at the age of 20. The fields of linguistics, documentary film, English and world literature paved her career path. Combining her passions into the field of worldwide localization, Yelena will provide you the highest-quality transcription, translation, subtitling, dubbing, localization, and post-production services. 

The journey is personal to her. She offers a niche retreat where filmmakers and corporate clients alike can entrust her with their ventures and succeed as a result.

Her professional odyssey spans from performing her magic as the creative director at Gelula/SDI to building and overseeing the international division as a vice president of Multilingual Operations at VITAC for a decade, then launching a non-airline international division at CMI Media Management, and during the pandemic facilitating over 400 new projects, including taking a film to #2 Amazon rating, at LADB, and now joining Take 1 as a VP of Localization and Post-Production to offer accessibility services, AD, CC, translation, subtitling, VO, dubbing and post-production magic across the globe.

Yelena’s promise is to honor the integrity of each language through a unique approach to every single project. To her, every project is a work of art. As an author, she’ll apply her intelligence and literary knowledge to the context of your intended message. She pledges the guarantees of flawless execution to make you shine. A documentary filmmaker, a director, investor and a producer, and someone who’s facilitated thousands of films into the global distribution, with remarkable results, she will be an asset to your team in the global marketplace with her unique creative approach to marry a thought to its final destination, with a creative touch outside the box through multiple lenses at once. Her leadership and management skills are remarkable.

Entrust her with your creations! Communicate your ideas through Yelena! Subtitle life together and localize the world in a nuanced manner! She knows how! Let’s partner in our impactful endeavors! Note a visual behind Yelena’s Localization and post-production passion:


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