María Rico Vázquez

María Rico Vázquez is a PhD student in Communication at the Universidade de Vigo and her research focuses on intralingual respeaking in Spain. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting (2013-2017) and a Master’s degree in Multimedia Translation (2017-2018), both from the aforementioned university. Her studies have allowed her to work as part of the UVigo team for ILSA (Interlingual Live Subtitling for Access), a European Union funded project focused on interlingual respeaking. She has also worked along with the Spanish public TV broadcaster, TVE (Televisión Española), assessing the quality of bilingual automatic subtitling. Currently, she is a member of GALMA (Galician Observatory for Media Accessibility) and a recipient of predoctoral funding from the Xunta de Galicia. She has also received two Academic Excellence awards, one granted by the Universidade de Vigo and the other one granted by the Xunta de Galicia.

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