Chris Hughes

Dr Chris Hughes (@chrisjhughes) studied at Bangor University where he was awarded a BSc in Computer Science in 2003 and a PhD in Computer Science in 2008. He continued at Bangor University as a Post-Doc researcher between 2008 and 2011 developing virtual environments for training interventional radiology procedures, as part of the Collaborators in Radiological Interventional Virtual Environments (CRaIVE) Consortium (Funded by EPSRC). Following this he joined the Biomedical Research Unit (Funded by NISCHR) until 2013, where he continued to focus on the use of computer graphics research in medical applications.

In 2013 he joined BBC R&D in order to combine his experience with computer graphics and visualisation research with his passion for broadcast and production and in 2015 he moved to Salford University, UK where he is currently positioned as a Lecturer in Computer Science. His main research interests include Computer Graphics, Visualisation, Video Broadcast and Production and he has published around 40 papers in this area. He is currently focused on promoting accessibility within current technologies and in 2017 he won the Salford University Vice-Chancellor's Research Excellence Award for his work which included Responsive Subtitling. He is currently working on the EU funded ImAc project, which is working towards bringing Accessibility services into immersive 360 degree video.

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