Hayley Dawson

Hayley Dawson is a PhD student in Translation Studies at the University of Roehampton, investigating interlingual live subtitles as a means of access for deaf and hard-of-hearing and foreign audiences. She holds a BA in Modern Languages from Roehampton and an MA in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Hayley has a background of teaching English as a foreign language, translation and subtitling and has delivered training in respeaking for research purposes. Previous studies and experience have led her to be a TECHNE-funded PhD student, working on a project that combines her passion for Spanish language and interest in Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility. The project, which forms part of the EU funded project titled Interlingual Live Subtitling for Access (ILSA), aims to create a training programme to shape the training of future interlingual respeakers.

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