Ismini Karantzi

Ismini Karantzi is a PhD candidate at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, having acquired both her BA and MA in Translation Studies at the same department. She has studied for one semester at Dublin City University (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences), while she has attended many seminars and conferences regarding translation, subtitling, post-editing and AVT. She is working as a freelance translator, subtitlist and editor, while she has offered translation and subtitling services as a volunteer since 2011. She has presented results of her research to Intermedia 2017 - International Conference on Audiovisual Translation in Poznan and the International Symposium “Spielräume der Translation” in Rome (2016), while her paper „Audiovisuelle Übersetzung und ihre Grenzen: Richtlinien, Normen und praktische Anwendungen“ was recently published in Spielräume der Translation (Waxmann Verlag, 2018).

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