Daniel Josephy-Hernández

Daniel E. Josephy-Hernández has an MA in English-Spanish Translation from the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Translation Studies at the University of Ottawa where he has won several scholarships. His gender-focused dissertation analyses the subtitles, dubbing and fansubs of the Satoshi Kon film Perfect Blue (1997). In 2014 and 2015 he spent a research year at Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai, Japan. His research concentrates mostly on gender and audiovisual translation, the translation of anime and hentai anime, videogame translation, translation in Wales and various other topics. He has studied anime censorship, and the controversy around the distribution of illegal and banned anime. He speaks Japanese fluently, amongst several languages, and is a fan of anime, films and TV shows in general.

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