Gabriela Ortiz

Gabriela Ortiz is an ATA Certified Translator (English into Spanish) based in Buenos Aires with more than 20 years of experience as English, German, and Latin into Spanish translator and editor. She started her translator practice as in house translator in one of the top property-law firms in Buenos Aires. Five years later she opened her own office, where she translates full time. In 2015, she finished the Postgraduate Diploma in Audiovisual Translation and Accessibility at the Lenguas Vivas Spangenberg School. As one of the founding members of Percepciones Textuales, Gabriela has been working in accessibility since 2017. She is an active advocate for media and theatre accessibility in Buenos Aires and Latin America, and has been speaker at Languages and The Media (Berlin, 2016), the ATA Annual Conference (Palm Springs, 2019), Media 4 All (Stockholm, 2019), and the Annual Conference of the Mexican Translators Association, among others.

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