Elena Davitti

Elena Davitti is Reader at the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Surrey (UK). Her research interests include hybrid modalities of spoken language transfer, particularly methods for real-time interlingual speech-to-text and how increasing automation of these processes would modify human-led workflows. Elena is currently leading the ‘SMART’ project (Shaping Multilingual Access with Respeaking Technology, 2020-2022, Economic and Social Research Council UK, ES/T002530/1) on interlingual respeaking with an international consortium of national and international academic and industrial collaborators, including UNINT, University of Vigo and University of Roehampton. Elena has also published extensively on communicative, interactional and multimodal dynamics of interpreter-mediated interaction (both face-to-face and technology-mediated), and she has been co-investigator on several EU-funded projects on technologies applied to interpreting, particularly video-mediated interpreting (AVIDICUS 3, SHIFT in Orality) and innovations in interpreter education (EVIVA). Elena has been invited to serve on the boards of projects and organisations in her fields of research (e.g. ILSA Advisory Board, GALMA, IATIS, ARTIS).


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