Annalisa Sandrelli

After teaching at the universities of Hull (UK), Trieste and Bologna, in 2008 Annalisa Sandrelli joined the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation of UNINT in Rome, where she is Lecturer in English. Over the years she has taught a variety of modules in Interpreting, Audiovisual Translation, Audio-description and Respeaking, which she first introduced in 2014. Her research interest include audiovisual translation, interpreting, respeaking, and legal translation and interpreting. She has taken part in several EU-funded international projects (Building Mutual Trust, Qualitas, Understanding Justice) and national projects (EPIC- European Parliament Interpreting Corpus). She is currently involved in the Eurolect Corpus project and she also coordinates the DubTalk/TVTalk project on audiovisual translation. After taking part in the SMART project on interlingual respeaking (funded by the university of Surrey), she is now leading SMART2 (funded by UNINT). She is a member of the Galician Observatory for Media Accessibility (GALMA) and of the LARIM interpreting research group. She has given talks on audiovisual translation in Italy and around the world.

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