Erik de Snerck

Erik de Snerck graduated in communication sciences and art history and is nowadays manager of production facilities and coordinator of access services at VRT (Flemish public broadcaster). Erik started at VRT in 1995 as a member of the editorial staff of teletext and combined this with freelance work for the subtitling department. Since 1997 he has been a full-time member of the subtitling department and has focused on technical aspects. Searching for better solutions for live subtitling, he introduced speech recognition for live subtitling in 2001. As a project manager and later as head of the subtitling department, he developed the department into a highly professional division. Since 2011 he is responsible for all access services, including signing, audio description and spoken subtitling for lineair broadcast and webcontent and is also a member of the steering comitée for diversity at VRT and member of the staff of the EBU experts groups for access services.

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