Gert Vercauteren

Gert Vercauteren holds an MA in Translation Studies (1997). He is a lecturer and researcher at T&I, Artesis, where he teaches audiovisual translation, computer assisted translation and terminology management. His research focuses on AVT in general, audio description in particular, and he is currently finishing a PhD in content selection in audio description, supervised by Aline Remael (fc. publication: "A Narratological Approach to Content Selection in Audio Description. Towards a Strategy for the Description of Narratological Time", MonTi.) He was also involved in the European Digital Television for All-project co-ordinated by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and participates as a researcher in the EU-funded ADLAB-project. He is the co-ordinator of AVT research at the T&I, a member of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST) and the TransMedia Benelux research group.

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