Anna Matamala

Dr. Anna Matamala, BA in Translation (UAB) and PhD in Applied Linguistics (UPF, Barcelona), is an Associate Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. A member of the international research group TransMedia, and of its local branch Transmedia Catalonia, Anna Matamala has participated and led many funded projects on audiovisual translation and media accessibility. She is currently leading the national project RAD and the European project EASIT, and is involved in the European projects TRACTION and Mediaverse. She has taken an active role in the organisation of scientific events such as the Media for All conference or the Advanced Research Audio Description Seminar ARSAD, and has published extensively in international refereed journals such as Meta, The Translator, Perspectives, Babel, Translation Studies, among others.  Her research interests are audiovisual translation, media accessibility and applied linguistics. She is currently involved in standardisation work at ISO. Website:


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