Pilar Orero

Dr Pilar Orero (http://gent.uab.cat/pilarorero)

PhD (UMIST, UK) teaches at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain). Member of TransMedia Catalonia research group (2017SGR113). Recent publications: Anna Maszerowska, Anna Matamala and Pilar Orero (eds) (2014) Audio Description. New perspectives illustrated. Amsterdam. John Benjamins.  Matamala, Anna and Pilar Orero (eds) (2016) Researching Audio Description. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Leader of numerous research projects funded by the Spanish and Catalan Gov. Leads the research group TransMedia Catalonia http://grupsderecerca.uab.cat/transmedia/

Participates in the ITU IRG-AVA - Intersector Rapporteur Group Audiovisual Media Accessibility http://www.itu.int/en/irg/ava/Pages/default.aspx

Member of the working group ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35.

Member of the Spanish UNE working group on accessibility.

She holds the INDRA Accessible Technologies Chair since 2012 http://www.tecnologiasaccesibles.com/en/university_collaboration.htm

Lead the EU project HBB4ALL http://pagines.uab.cat/hbb4all/

Leads the EU projects ACT http://pagines.uab.cat/act/

and UMAQ (Understanding Quality Media Accessibility)  http://pagines.uab.cat/umaq/. She is the UAB leader at the 2 new H2020 projects EasyTV  (interaction to accessible TV) http://easytvproject.eu  and ImAc (Immersive Accessibility) http://www.imac-project.eu 2017-2021. She is an active external evaluator for many worldwide national agencies: South Africa, Australia, Lithuania, Belgium, US, UK, etc. Co-founder of the Media Accessibility Platform MAP http://www.mapaccess.org

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