Serenella Massidda

Dr Serenella Massidda, Honorary Research Associate and Teaching Fellow in Audiovisual Translation (UCL), received her European Doctorate in Audiovisual Translation researching on “The Italian Fansubbing Phenomenon” in 2013 and published her first monograph, Audiovisual Translation in the Digital Age – The Italian Fansubbing Phenomenon in 2015. In 2009 she graduated from Imperial College London defending her dissertation on AVT: “Transcribing, captioning and subtitling a BBC4 documentary on Quantum Physics”. 

She runs two workshops in the Professional Courses at CenTraS: “Open Source Tools for Subtitlers” and “Cloud-Based Toolkits for Subtitlers”. She is a professional subtitler and a member of ESIST (European Association for Studies in Screen Translation) and EST (European Society for Translation Studies) and her main research interests are: Audiovisual Translation, Subtitling Technology and Fansubbing.